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Integrating Your ATS and Pre-Employment Screening

Here’s some tough love.  I know that your company is fantastic.  I’m sure that most candidates would be lucky to work for you.  However, these candidates have no idea.  There is a strong possibility that, at least at first blush, you weren’t one of their dream companies.  Are you on Fortune’s list of the best companies to work for?

It’s challenging to be pinpointed on a new hire’s radar if you’re a small company, no matter the beautiful and valuable corporate environment you curated.  Though you may have earned your pride in your organization, most people outside of your company likely have no idea who you are.  Without marquee-level attraction, you need to be able to make a pitch to the best and brightest.  To do so, you will need a conversation.

Attitude is where many companies fail these days.  Some organizations believe they are the goal and choose to dismiss applicants that don’t think the same way.  Your business is one of many.  If you want to hire the caliber of employee you hope for, you need to bend to them.  In the eyes of most outsiders, your company isn’t unique.

I told you…tough love.


There is something of a generation gap between millennials and their elders.  Having grown up with the internet at their disposal, the teeming young adults flooding our job markets experience time a little differently.  They have never known the days where all information was not immediately available.  Phone books and encyclopedias were outdated wastes of time for them.

An outsider might call it impatience or entitlement, but that isn’t fair.  Just as you may have been perplexed by your grandfather’s tales of walking to school up-hill both ways in the snow, a millennial could listen to your request to fill out three different forms with much of the same information and think, “But…why?!?”

Changing times require changing strategies.  Fortunately, some of the same steps you can take to help raise and maintain interest among job applicants will also prove to increase efficiency for your HR department.  And, possibly, raise morale throughout your organization.


If you aren’t using an applicant tracking system (ATS), we recommend considering it.  An ATS will optimize your recruitment efforts by providing a searchable and sortable database of potential candidates.  Many companies offer applicant tracking system solutions curated to a company’s unique needs to benefit their HR mission further.

Many of the same organizations that design and implement ATS solutions also offer background screening services.  In these cases, it is often advisable to integrate your ATS with your background screening.


For starters, integrating these two functions saves time and effort.  By eliminating the need for your employees to feed data to both an applicant tracking system and a background screening service, you will effectively shave a considerable amount of time from the candidate search and verification processes.  Furthermore, you wind up with all of the information for a candidate in one place.  No more bulky files with data from various sources to organize and cross-reference when making a hiring decision.

Sure, it may cost a little money to employ integrated ATS and background screening solutions, but it is likely that you can save more down the line by doing so.  You will free up your HR department to focus on things like employee training and retention, thereby further minimizing the effort necessary to keep your business properly and perfectly staffed.

Did I say ‘perfectly’ staffed?  I sure did.  In addition to improving your company’s hiring efforts, integrating your applicant tracking system and background screening also improves the recruitment experience for applicants.  By preventing the need to provide their data to multiple sources, you have displayed your respect for their most valuable commodity:  time.  A happy applicant is not only less likely to complain about your business on social media, but they are also more likely to tell other job hunters about their positive experience with your organization.

At CNET Technologies, we are proud to offer a suite of recruitment resources that are customizable to your needs.  Coupled with the knowledge and reliability of an NAPBS accredited team, we are confident that we can provide your business with a top-notch experience to please your employees, both present and future. Find out what we can do for your business and how we can combine applicant tracking screening with background screening by clicking the link below to get our free guide.

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