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CTrack Software Streamlines Background Screening

Employers know that time is money—and this is especially true in the realm of hiring. If the candidates you are evaluating have other potential offers, getting an offer into the hands of your top choice quickly is ideal.

The need for speed combined with accuracy is one of a wide variety of reasons why using CNet’s CTrack dashboard will help you create and maintain excellent background check records. Don’t let your valuable time slip through the cracks! Here are a few ways that you’ll see your system grow more efficiently once you start using CTrack software to streamline your background screening process.

Get the Best Talent

Perhaps the most apparent benefit is that a quick—but thorough—background screening process makes it easier to prepare your screening requests, tailor them to your needs, and know immediately when the results come back. Your dashboard in CTrack reduces transit time for your results—and it also keeps them from getting lost when you don’t have to comb through a long string of emails to find the results.

CNet Technologies has modernized our background screening dashboard for ease of use, which makes getting word through to your chain of command easier than ever! Once background checks come through, you can proceed with confidence and make offers to the candidates that fit your workplace best—without worrying that you’re losing them to the competition.

Avoid Communication Hangups

It’s easy to get background check results confused without a robust system of organization. Harder still is attempting to implement a company-wide method of organizing your results when certain tasks fall on certain desks.

Many companies are hiring for multiple, even dozens of searches at once, which can result in crossed wires that might lose you the right candidate or result in hiring a candidate who isn’t the best fit.

  • User-friendly dashboards in CNet’s CTrack software make it easy to double-check that your results are indeed for the correct candidate.
  • Expandable sections allow you to see the information you need with a quick click.
  • Access to the CTrack dashboard to relevant HR staff allows your team to move forward as a unit.
  • Avoid loose or lost papers and confusing email threads when hiring!

The result of using CNet’s CTrack software to streamline your background screening process is clear: as a company, you’ll appear more organized, professional, and prompt. During your hiring process, this creates a good impression with the talent you’re seeking.

Easy Scheduling and Documentation

When you’ve worked with a particular employee for a few years, even if you see consistent work performance, it isn’t a bad idea to re-run a thorough background screening. It can become complicated to make sure that everyone has a similar amount of time between screenings if you are manually documenting when a new check must be made.

  • With CNet’s CTrack software, scheduling and making notes on each of your employee files is a breeze.
  • You’ll spend less time combing through your records to figure out when an employee was hired.
  • You’ll also appreciate the benefits of treating all employees equally when it comes to your screening process.

You lose more than efficiency if employees feel like they are under more scrutiny than their peers! Inequity in the workplace has led to more than one lost employee. Avoid the appearance of bias by applying your screening process equally across the entirety of your company to retain your hires.

Adverse Action Notices Made Easy

Sometimes, the background check you conduct will turn up evidence that makes releasing a particular employee the wisest course of action for your company. However, these employees retain certain legal protections, including their right to receive an adverse action notice. This notice allows them to begin their pursuit of understanding the information that motivated your decision.

Sending adverse action notices can be time-consuming: with the CTrack software, it’s faster, easier, and more thorough than ever! Job candidates and current employees never want to get one of these notices—but getting them quickly to those involved allows them to discover and resolve the problem without delay. Your rapid response time is to everyone’s benefit!

Our Customer Support Is Unparalleled

As you get to know our CTrack software’s depth, you may still encounter features in our user-friendly platform that require some explaining or assistance. At CNet Technologies, we understand how operating at maximum efficiency keeps your business running strong!

Luckily, you don’t have to click around fruitlessly; you can contact our excellent customer support staff.

  • We’re here to help guide the companies we work with about any features you want to use.
  • We are responsive when there are concerns about the CTrack software.
  • We make sure you experience an optimized workflow by troubleshooting all issues.
  • We help you understand what happened when something seems to go wrong to keep you running strong.

We know that you want to get the most value from your investment in our CTrack platform, so we’re actively invested in consumer education. Making sure that you can take advantage of all the benefits and time-saving elements that our platform offers is just one of the ways we serve you!

We believe that modern background screening services are an opportunity to protect your company by being thorough—without costing you candidates in the form of time spent. Your background screening software should always work for youby keeping precise track of the details that matter.

With the CTrack platform from CNet Technologies, you finally have access to the tools you need to streamline the hiring process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how CTrack can work for you!

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